Give your decision to switch to a solar energy system a push by taking advantage of government incentives. Because switching to green energy is so important to the future, homeowners switching to energy systems may be eligible to receive rebates and tax credits. McKinney Solar Power Co. knows all about this and can tell you exactly what you qualify for. 


One of the most important things a person can do is find little ways to make a big difference in the world. McKinney Solar Power Co. knows making a difference is important to you and we support and applaud your commitment to impact the world. Switching your home to a renewable energy source lowers the amount of CO2 emissions you will give off over your lifetime.


The amount you spend to power your home varies depending on utility provider. By switching your home to solar power not only will you lower your monthly bills, you will save money in the long run. Estimated yearly savings for McKinney, TX solar powered homes starts at $2,000 depending on solar system size. Get an estimate of your annual savings using this PV Watts calculator.


Constant fluctuations with the cost of your powering your home and the uncertainty of local power outages is enough to wear down any responsible homeowner. Moving to an independent energy system means you no longer rely on the grid. Your battery will store the energy your home receives to provide you power around the clock.


Whether you plan to stay in your home for years to come or eventually make a decision to move, you can’t go wrong with a solar energy system. Having this form of renewable energy will increase the value of your home and entice future buyers. There are no negatives!


Switching to a solar energy system is the best thing for your home and McKinney Solar Power Co. are the right experts to get you there. Take the first step and answer a few questions to schedule an in person or virtual appointment with our expert.