We make it simple for you to switch because we know how important this decision is. McKinney Solar Power Co. professionals will take care of all the little details to help you get control of your power and fast.

No one knows more about the City of McKinney’s energy codes and procedures than McKinney Solar Power Co. so let us handle the local government approval process and informing your current utility company to make your life a little easier.

McKinney Solar Power Co. is the only comprehensive solar power system installer in McKinney, TX. We are knowledgeable on the city codes, types of homes, and what it will take to get you fully independent from the grid.

Making the decision for a solar energy system isn’t hard at all with the right experts. McKinney Solar Power Co. is dedicated to perfection, knowledge, and environmental justice. Our team is well trained and officially certified with North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, NABCEP.


Switching to a solar energy system is the best decision you could make for your home. The investment into your power system will pay off in many different ways. To get you started McKinney Solar Power Co. will work with you on financing your new energy system. We offer loan and lease options to make switching as easy as possible.

After scheduling an appointment, a McKinney Solar Energy team leader will meet with you to thoroughly inspecting your home and walk you through the installation process. You will learn how switching to solar energy will personally impact your home and factors that will affect your ability to get the best out of your new solar energy system, like roof damage and tree growth.

Let us show you why McKinney Solar Power Co. is known for having a friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced team. We know you care about the future of your home, taking control of your energy, and doing your part for the environment and we do too. Not only that, we are passionate about giving you the tools to help accomplish your energy goals.